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Picture of 7 In 1 Multifunctional Beauty Facial Machine Pore Cleaner

AED 1850.00
  • Improves skin tone: removes skin keratin, blemishes, blemishes, excess pigmentation, and a cool massage head that helps shrink pores and brighten skin tone.
  • Thoroughly clean: add enough water to the stratum corneum cells of the skin. Softens the pores of semicured sebum, removes oil metabolism from sebum, and keeps pores clean.
  • A new generation of products: 7in1 multifunctional skin rejuvenation device that enhances deep skin nutrition and accelerates absorption. Antiaging products can penetrate deep into the skin without damaging the skin, without side effects, and safe to use. Tighten the chin line to reduce eye bags, dark circles and fine lines on the eyes.
  • Oxygen spray: Inject oxygen and nutrients into the skin. Enhances the skin's respiratory function, allowing cells to perform aerobic exercise and promote skin metabolism, thereby achieving whitening and repairing sensitive skin.
  • Replenishing antiaging: highfrequency atomizing vibration rapidly decomposes water molecules, nanosized spray particles, strong permeability and rapid hydration. Helps the skin absorb oxygen and nutrients more easily.
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