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Picture of Air Doctor Virus Guards Portable badge

AED 75.00 75.0000
  • Once clipped on and activated, Air Doctor uses chlorine dioxide, or ClO2, to eliminate microbial life such as viruses, bacteria, fungus, spores, and beta lactase. Air Doctor creates an atmospheric shield that protects you from airborne diseases, pollens and eliminates odors.
  • The patented Air Doctor Portable (clip-on) eliminates microbes by slowly and continuously releasing ClO2 gas into the atmosphere around you.
  • Air Doctor helps protect against airborne contaminants, bacteria, and viruses
  • Picture of Air Doctors Virus Guards Portable badge

    AED 75.00 75.0000
  • Contains sodium chlorite (NaClO2) as the active ingredien
  • Releases chlorine dioxide (ClO2) gas
  • Works for 30 days in a 3-foot radius
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