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Picture of Clear Plastic Mist Spray Bottle 30ml, 20 Pieces

AED 68.00
  • Set of 20 empty plastic bottles. Capacity: 30 ml
  • Safe and secure. It is made of food grade PET and PP material.
  • Antileak atomizer and anti dust spring-loaded button suitable for travel, which provides comfortable use.
  • Due to its plastic material, you can avoid this fear as plastic does not shatter like glass.
  • These mini spray bottles are great for for cleaning, travel, paint, essential oils and anything else.
  • Picture of Fine Mist Mini Clear Spray Bottles With Pump Spray, 30ml, 30 Pieces

    AED 86.88
  • Set of 30 empty plastic bottles ,holds 30ml
  • TSA & FAA Compliant, excellent for travel, conveniently fits in your purse.
  • These clear plastic fine mist spray bottle and cap are polypropylene, ergonomic design, leak proof,springloaded button, provides comfortable use.
  • Mist glass spray bottles are perfect for essential oils,DIY beauty products, aromatherapy, pillow mist, witch hazel, air freshener, deodorant, household cleaner, face spray and any other mixtures.
  • Empty spray bottle can be washed and reused.
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