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Picture of Face Steamer, Hot And Cool Ionic Facial Spraying Machine, 360°Rotat

AED 235.00
  • MULTIFUNCTION FACIAL STEAMER: this steamer has function of generating ozone,so as speed up skin nutrition absorption. In addition to the basic hydrating function, it also cleans pores, controls oil and firms skin
  • 360°ROTATION DESIGN: You can use it as the essential oil diffusers, letting the aroma surround you. 360° rotatably spray head allows you to enjoy the spa at any angle. Improve blood circulation and metabolism by daily use
  • SAFETY DESIGN: Boil-dry protection, which is safe and reassuring. The power will be off automatically when water is completely dryout
  • EASY TO USE: Easy to operation and desktop design, user-friendly. It can produce ionized vapors which can deep clean the skin, promote the skin micro circulation
  • Picture of Nail Sterilizer Box,Dry Heat Sterilizer, Nail Sterilizer Profession

    AED 457.00
  • This autoclave sterilization machine removes any bacteria, viruses, fungi or spores on tools with max temperature up to 200°C.
  • Such autoclave can be used in beauty salons, dentistry, hospitals, lab or restaurants.Great for Both Commercial or Family Use
  • CE Approved to provide you with Safe and Reassuring Sterilization.time and temperature controller, adjust accordingly.Adjustable Timer to Assure Different Needs for Sterilizing
  • 100% completely sterilize and kill ALL microorganisms for all types of instruments and materials (except plastic/flammable/explosive substances): solid, hollow, porous, wrapped or unwrapped. Much more effective than UV sterilizers
  • Picture of Uv Sterilizer Cabinet Nail Towel Sterilizer Beauty Salon Tool,Nail

    AED 388.00
  • The disinfection cabinet is used for high temperature disinfection, which can quickly and comprehensively sterilize. For the disinfection of small beauty equipment tools to protect the safety and health of customers.
  • With light blue ultraviolet lamp design, easy to view the internal situation.
  • High temperature sterilization, fast and comprehensive. The temperature can reach 50-230 degrees Celsius and the capacity can reach 1.5 liters. It is used for disinfection of small beauty or appliances to ensure the safety and health of customers.
  • Plastic shell design, practical and durable to use.Large capacity push-pull type drawer cabinet, convenient for storing nail tools.
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