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Picture of Aynefy Electric Spray Bottle, Usb Rechargeable Electric Spray

AED 97.68
  • High quality material
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy and durable in use
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    Picture of Aynefy Face Compressed Membrane

    AED 30.00
  • Thin and light membrane cloth, skin-friendly and breathable, make skin easier to absorb essences
  • DIY your own face membrane by adding essences, milk, egg white, fruit and vegetable juice, etc
  • Adopts compression technology, easy to expand by soaking in essences liquids
  • Individual packing design, clean and sanitary, safe to use. Suitable for business trip, travel or home use
  • Picture of Aynefy Face Steamer, Portable Beauty Salon Hot Mist Face Steamer

    AED 173.00
  • It opens skin pores, and when it penetrates the pores of the skin, it softens and cleans oil, blackheads, makeup marks and dirt.
  • Deep cleaning your skin, improve oil-water balance and skin quality, and anti aging
  • Help skin pores clean, activate blood circulation, stimulate cell balance and improve wrinkles.
  • Fine water mist makes the water molecule more delicate and easier to be absorbed.
  • Picture of Aynefy Facial Steamer, Household Hot Mist Moisturizing Facial Steamer

    AED 185.00
  • Uniform atomization technology is adopted, the water mist gently covers the surface of the skin, quickly penetrates the skin bottom, make skin clean.
  • Deep hydrating and moisturizing, replenish moisture for skin, make skin smooth and elastic.
  • Activate blood circulation, stimulate cell balance and improve skin quality, make you look more energetic.
  • Softens and cleans grease, blackheads, makeup marks and dirt. Small machine body, can be placed on dressing table, office desk, bedside table for use.
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