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Picture of 100 Bathing Shower Cap 100Pcs/Set Disposable Women Shower Bath Cap

AED 26.00
  • Best helper when taking a bath.
  • With elastic design, one size fits most people.
  • Lace edge, light EVAmaterial, durable and waterproof.
  • One size, suitable for all kinds of people.
  • Wearing a shower cap is to prevent the hair is wet again or prevent the water flow into the ear when bathing.
  • Picture of 100 Disposable Mop Mob Caps Clipped Hair Head Cover

    AED 38.00
  • 100 % Polypropylene
  • Non-woven Clip Caps, hair net, protect your work from unwanted hair loss
  • Idea For Food Service, Hospitals, Laboratories, Manufacturing,Beauty Salon
  • Simply use and throw away Cheap and efficient
  • Picture of 100 Hair Removal Depilatory Wax Strip Non Woven Epilator Paper Waxing

    AED 6.00
  • High Quality
  • Safe for use
  • Brand New
  • Picture of 100 Pcs 1.6Um Thicken Disposable Or Reusable Clear Bath Hats

    AED 29.00
  • High Quality Material
  • 100% safe on skin
  • Environment Safe
  • Picture of 100 Pcs Clear Disposable Plastic Shower Caps Large

    AED 18.44
  • Size: One size fits all.Package content:Pack of 100 Individually Wrapped.
  • Each piece is Individually wrapped in a small clear pouch for single time use.
  • Disposable Shower Caps Material:Plastic,Color:Clear white.Fast shipping from USA.
  • Plastic Shower Caps have Multi Use in everyday life,Good helper for long hair or small head.
  • Picture of 100 Pcs High Pressure Plus Thickness Disposable Shower Cap Disposable

    AED 29.00
  • Premium Materials: These disposable shower caps are made of highquality, durable, highpressure transparent PE plastic to ensure that they do not tear when showered. Environmentally friendly, onetime use, no need to clean, save time.
  • Toughness: It can be stretched to about 17 inches and is suitable for male, female, short hair or long hair. It is big enough to hold a freesized shower cap that fits the head of most people.
  • Versatile: The transparent shower cap is versatile and suitable for use in families, hotels and hair salons; suitable for showers. They are perfect for those who want to prevent shoes from mixing with the clean clothes in their suitcases.
  • Packing: 100 bags per pack, keep clean, beautiful, stylish, soft and comfortable, waterproof and breathable, easy to carry.
  • Your choice: Disposable shower caps are ideal for bathing and hair care, spa, home use, hair salons and hotels. These features are very convenient for passengers who want to prevent shoes from mixing with the clothes in the suitcase.
  • Picture of 100 Pcs Plastic Shower Caps Disposable Hair Processing Caps

    AED 29.00
  • Material: Plastic.Color: clear. Package included: 100pcs * Shower Caps.
  • Made of good material and great elastic. Nontoxic,NO Terrible smell and waterproof.
  • The shower cap can stretch 44cm/17.3 inch, and this size would be suitable for most people.
  • Suitable for women on makeup, discharge makeup, clean face beauty, or bathing etc.
  • Plastic hair caps can be widely applied to hair drying, spa, travel use, hair salon, home use, etc.It is very convenient and comfortable.
  • Picture of 100 Pieces Transparent Disposable Ear Protector Covers Shower Caps

    AED 25.00
  • Color:Clear
  • Material:Plastic
  • Protects ear from water from showering,hair coloring and chemical treatment.
  • Best choice to popping it in your bag while travelling.
  • Fit your ears perfectly. for both men and women.
  • Picture of 100 Thick Disposable Shower Caps For Women Girl With Long Hair Clear

    AED 27.00
  • More thicker than other disposable shower caps.More Durable Large Quantity but in same price.
  • Lightweight made of plastic.Won't be heavy of this processing caps.
  • Perfect for hair salon to dye hair. Good conditioning cap.
  • Can be folded in luggage, backpack or other places,very convenient to be carried.
  • Wide Application during showering, cooking, SPA etc will need this. Also,it can hold your hair and avoid accidental snags when making up,cleaning face,dressing.
  • Picture of 100 Yards Disposable White Body Hair Removal Waxing Paper Roll

    AED 13.89
  • Package: 1roll (100 yards); Width 7cm/2
  • 75" Using method: after applying wax on skin
  • put the strip on and press until it strongly sticks on to the wax layer
  • Picture of 100 Yards Disposable White Body Hair Removal Waxing Paper Roll

    AED 23.88
  • Made of non-woven, thick and durable, sanitary and disposable, soft to conform better to your body's curves
  • According to your needs to cut the size of the Strips; Suitable for removing unwanted hair on body, face, legs, underarm area, bikini area, eyebrows, etc.
  • Non-Woven Wax Strips meet every waxing need-for both men and women alike.
  • Picture of 100 Disposable Shower Caps Plastic Thickening Waterproof Oilproof

    AED 18.40
  • Reliable material: the shower caps and earmuffs are made of good quality transparent plastic, it has good elasticity and not easy to break; Waterproof, oil-proof, dust-proof, light and durable
  • Multi-purpose: household waterproof, dustproof, oil-proof, temporary reception shoe cover, travel out; Commercial uses, such as perm hair dye (hair salon), care (spa) , bathroom disposable set (hotel)
  • Target customer: the length of the shower cap can be stretched to 44 cm, the length of the earmuff can be stretched to 13 cm, suitable for most people's head and ear size, 12 years old and above, regardless of gender
  • Package includes: 100 pieces disposable plastic shower caps and 100 pieces disposable plastic earmuffs (compressed, one package includes 200 pieces)
  • Picture of 100Pcs Clear Disposable Ear Caps Ear Protector Covers Hair Dye Shield

    AED 29.00
  • Package include 100PCS
  • Diameter: 3.4"/ 8.5cm,adjustable, elastic; one size fits most
  • Protects ear from water from showering, shampooing, hair coloring and chemical treatment
  • Picture of 100Pcs Clear Disposable Plastic Shower Bath Caps

    AED 15.99
  • A great item to keep in stock year round
  • 100% New and high quality
  • Picture of 100Pcs Clear Disposable Plastic Shower Ear Covers Bathing Hair Dye Ear

    AED 24.45
  • Size: one size fits most
  • Keep water out of ear while showering,shampooing,hair coloring and chemical treatment.
  • Fit your ears perfectly. for both men and women.
  • Material: plastic
  • 100pcs disposable shower ear covers
  • Picture of 100Pcs Clear Shower Water Ear Protectors Covers Cap

    AED 24.00
  • Elastic Ensures A Comfortable Fit
  • Protects Ears From Water, Hair Color, Stains And Chemical Solutions
  • Package include 100PCS ; Diameter:3.15"
  • Material: food grade waterproof plastic material, it won't cause an allergy to your skin
  • Picture of 100Pcs Disposable Clear Earmuffs

    AED 15.00
  • High Quality
  • Safe for use
  • Brand New
  • Picture of 100Pcs Disposable Hair Dyer Ear Protector Covers

    AED 29.00
  • Material: food grade waterproof plastic material, it won't cause an allergy to your skin
  • Size: 8.5cm,adjustable, elastic;Free size,one size fits most
  • Protects ear from water from showering, shampooing, hair coloring and chemical treatment
  • Picture of 100Pcs Disposable Safe Ear Protector

    AED 28.00
  • Package include:100Pcs;Material:Plastic;Color:Clear
  • The disposable earmuffs are waterproof and dustproof, made of safe plastic and environmentally friendly. Soft and comfortable,you can use with confidence
  • Each earmuff has an elastic band that can be freely adjusted.It will not make your ear uncomfortable.They fit for any size ear include adults and children
  • The earmuffs work as practical tools to protect your ears away from water when you take a shower, wash hair with shampoo or care your hair
  • Picture of 100Pcs Disposable Shower Caps

    AED 29.00
  • Elastic shower caps size:it can be stretched to 44 cm/ 1.4ft,Good for showering,hair treatments and travel etc.
  • Waterproof bath caps material is plastic,increase thickening one size fit more people.
  • Each disposable shower cap is individually wrapped in a small clear pouch.
  • Disposable shower caps good for showering and hair treatments,spa,spray tan,home use,hotel and hair salon.
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