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Picture of Binaryabc Mini Brush Makeup Clear Plastic Handle Facial Mud Mask 10

AED 30.00
  • Made of nylon bristle and plastic handle, and connected and fixed by Aluminium tubes.
  • Suitable for facial mask mud onto face softly and comfortably with this brush.
  • Clear plastic handle is smooth and long enough to use
  • Picture of Binaryabc Washable 4-Way Nail Shiner Sponge Nail Files Nail Buffers

    AED 44.00
  • 10 pieces of the 4-way sponge nail files in one set will be sold together
  • Material: durable sandpaper and soft sponge. Size: about 9*3.6*2.6cm.
  • 4-Way nail shiner sponge nail files, four sides respectively have different functions.
  • All sides are labeled to show you what order to follow to achieve sparkling nails.: Step 1: File nail edge; Step 2: Remove ridges from nails; Step 3: Smooth nail; Step 4: Shine nail.
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