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Picture of Makeup Ink Cup Tattoo Supplies 300 Piece Tattoo Pigment Cups Tattoo

AED 71.00
  • Great Quality: Makeup ink caps are made of sterilized and high quality plastic material, they are waterproof. And they are natural material and environmental-friendly, more safe and healthy. They are firm, durable and excellent for pigment. They are easy to use or operate, and also easy to clean and store. Great for professional beauty salon, cosmetology school or home personal makeup.
  • Design: These tattoo ink caps are clear white, easy to see how many inks inside and easy to clean. They are designed with wide base, which can stands up by themselves. And designed with wide edge, which can prevent tattoo pigment or tattoo ink from tipping. It is very easy and convenient to hold tattoo pigment or tattoo ink. With these tattoo ink caps, you don't need any messy Vaseline or ink stand to hold ink cups.
  • Use: It is perfect for holding tattoo pigments or inks. These clear white ink caps are suitable for professional tattoo artists or home use. These cups are must for current or future for tattoo kits, tattoo needles, tattoo supplies. Perfectly used for either eyelash extension glue, primer, gel remover or permanent make-up pigments.
  • Size: The cup diameter is 8mm(small). They can conserve valuable ink with this small size ink cups. The weight is very light and convenient, easy to hold and makes the makeup applications much easier.
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