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Picture of Face Mask Brush, 3Packs Silicone Hairless Applicator For Mask

AED 26.20
  • The brush head is made of piece silicone, soft and clean, and the handle made of pure PP is never moldy, always clean, prolongs service life, reduces product waste, and is easy to clean.
  • It's easier to apply and less waste When applying cosmetics, the fingers are no longer dirty, and the soft mask brush evenly distributes the product and does not fall.
  • The flexible mask is soft and comfortable, suitable for the face and body of sensitive skin, allowing the mask to slide evenly across the entire face (including corners) without any confusion.
  • The total thickness of the matte mask is about 14.3 cm and the brush width is about 2 cm. It is suitable for applying mud masks or mud masks, peeling masks, facial serums or any other liquid mask. It is easy to use.
  • Versatile, it can be used with mud mask, powder mask or DIY mask. It's easy to carry and easy to store, making the razor your ideal companion anytime, anywhere.
  • Picture of Foot Files, 2 Packs Double Sided Exfoliating Callus Scrub Care

    AED 20.00
  • It has an ergonomic head and a sturdy handle that grips comfortably and doesn't slip out of your palm, the slightly polished ankle surface removes dead skin, smoothing your feet and reducing the heel crack.
  • There is a hole in the handle for easy rear suspension and drying, and each ankle can last for several months depending on the application.
  • Regular use of your ankles can help keep your feet smooth and comfortable, and reduce discomfort caused by calluses.
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