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Picture of Derma Pen Electric Auto Stamp Micro Needle Facial Best Skin Care

AED 391.00
  • Surprising product: a brand new facial massager that does not damage the integrity of the skin structure; it can gradually treat deep toxins and wastes in the skin, slow down skin aging, remove wrinkles, reduce fine lines, replenish skin, Ms. must-have items
  • How to choose PIN: 12PIN can do acne pit, acne marks, scalp introduction, etc. Deep skin problems
  • Safety: Electric microneedles use sterile, individually sealed disposable needle cartridges, each with a protective cap for optimum safety and comfort.
  • Save money: electric micro needles are more economical than derma roller, you only need to charge the pen and replace the ink cartridge after each use.
  • Picture of Derma Pen Ultima A1 Electric Automatic Microneedle For Facial Massage

    AED 356.00
  • This is a revolutionary, painless, comfortable, noninvasive home care tool that delivers healthy, beautiful, shiny, perfectly smooth skin
  • Electric microneedle can not only do acne pit, acne marks, scalp introduction, etc. Deep skin problems. It can also be used as eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, lip, fine line pencil or tattoo pen
  • Automatic highspeed scrolling (maximum speed per minute (8000~23000)), producing twelve transmission channels; depth microneedle can be adjusted (0.mm3.0mm), greatly improving the treatment effect
  • Needles per cartridge,each has protective cap,Each cartridge is sterilized and individually packed
  • We firmly support our products and are fully confident that it will help you achieve the healthy luster you desire. Our customer satisfaction means everything to us, and we hope that you will be assured of peace of mind through our 30day 100% money back guarantee.
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