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Picture of Comidox 5Pack 12 Ct./Pack Compressed Facial Cleansing Sponge

AED 36.90
  • PVA material,nonirritant and healthy.
  • It has strong water absorption, easy to take, easy to wash, can completely replace the towel, feels comfortable, can thoroughly clean the skin and pores of dirt and grease, remove the acne blackhead on the face and make the skin clean and smooth.
  • Helps necrotic keratin shedding, promotes blood circulation, and achieves a massage effect under proper friction, giving you a feeling of freshness and elasticity.
  • After use, the water is kneaded and erected in a ventilated place, which can be completely dried and hardened, and the bacteria cannot grow, and is hygienic and durable.
  • This sponge puff will be a helper when you clean your face or make up,try it once!
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