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Picture of Professional Salon Hair Steamer Stand Up With Hood,700W Portable Color

AED 2637.50
  • 1. The red light dynamic of LED can effectively enhance the hair keratin activity of hair, effectively reduce the damage of hair, improve hair quality, enhance hair elasticity, and make hair moist and smooth.
  • 2. The blue light of LED can accelerate the absorption, make the hair achieve a smooth effect, accelerate the closure of the scales, and achieve the effect of locking the interventional substance.
  • 3. Largecapacity water tower design, can fill 46 hours after filling up with water, use faster, more convenient, longer working time, use
  • 4.The addition of water vapor does not stop during the process.
  • 5. There are cold fog, low temperature, medium temperature, high temperature and other stepless adjustment to meet the needs of different temperatures.
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