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Picture of Beauty Facial Steamer, Sprayer Beauty Salons Spa Steamed Face

AED 475.00
  • Cold and hot spraying control : Cold spray will not make skin loose, ultrafine vapor can help skin absorption. It also can improve the ability of cold resistance. Longtime use can lighten your face and reduce pigment.
  • Facilitates daily cleansing: softens necrotic cells on the skin surface for removal during subsequent care procedures. Opens pores for deep cleaning.
  • Antiwrinkle: The vapor can help eliminate toxins form pores, softening the wrinkles temporarily. The hot vapor permeates into skin, softening and enlarging cells to remove old cuticles. Makes skin soft and elastic.
  • Care to Skin: The vapor can permeate to the pores, softening the grease, blackheads, cosmetic residues and dirt, eliminate toxins form pores, softening the wrinkles temporarily.
  • Promote blood circulation: replenish water in cells, improve cell metabolism and auto repair.
  • Picture of Dnnal Remote Control UV Disinfection Light 36W

    AED 127.20 AED 159.00
  • Remote Control Mode: Wireless Through The Wall Remote Control
  • Lamp Holder Material: Full Metal Lamp Holder + High-Temperature Paint Matte Surface
  • Rated Power: 36W
  • Picture of Hot Towel Warmer, Towel Sterilizer Uv Sterilization Beauty Salon Steam

    AED 666.00
  • 360° disinfection: accurate temperature control, medium temperature heating, heat preservation and moisturizing; UV sterilization, no high temperature and safe disinfection rate of 99.9%
  • Onetouch switch: easy to operate, easy to learn, simple and beautiful; humanized handle, sleek and simple, design effort, beautiful and generous.
  • Waterreceiving drawer: Effectively accept the water generated during the heating of the towel to prevent water from flowing into the machine.
  • Silent technology: when the disinfection cabinet is operating, the decibel is between 0 and 10 decibels.
  • Scope of application: Beauty, manicure, hair salon, SPA, tattoo tool disinfection, earring jewelry, tableware, toothbrushes, household items, towels, etc. (avoid various Crossuse Fungus, the spread of the virus)
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    Picture of Towel Sterilizer, Uv Sterilizer Nail Shop Barber Shop Disinfection Cab

    AED 472.00
  • 3in1 ultraefficient disinfection, negative ion + UV + ozone sterilization, It has an important effect on the sterilization and disinfection of several reproductive bacteria that are found in daily life.
  • Mirrored stainless steel inner frame, 360 degree specular reflection on UV exposure; let the virus bacteria aphid does not exist. Silent technology, when the disinfection cabinet is operating, the decibel is between 0~10 decibels, and it is safe to fall asleep without awakening.
  • Integrated UV lamp, to quickly and effectively sterilize many tools and kill most micromicroorganisms, leaving you an extremely clean and safe environment.
  • Plexiglass black panel with highstrength acrylic plexiglass, beautiful appearance. The stainless steel belt has a selflocking door hinge, which is strong and durable.
  • Very practical and functional, it can be widely used to disinfect clothes, towels, napkins, tablecloths, blankets and small appliances easily at any time.
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