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Fast Food Restaurant at dragon mart


With over fifty-two restaurants in Dubai under its roof, ranging from top fast food restaurants to cafes in Dubai, rest assured, you will not have to worry about a lack of dining options with family here at Dragon Mart.

Treat yourself to a sensational delight as the many worldwide and local franchises dish out tantalizing meals that are guaranteed to lure you back a second time! Unwind with your family over an unparalleled dining in Dubai experience at some of the most affordable prices you will ever see. Once you are done, head to the many family events that regularly take place and bask in some quality family time!




food-court food-court

Old Wood Village Restaurant

Opening Hours :

10am to 10pm – Sunday to Wednesday
10am to 12Midnight – Thursday to Saturday

Open at 10am to 10pm – Sunday to Wednesday

Close at 10am to 12Midnight – Thursday to Saturday

Contact Number :
04-5148038 / 04-5148038 / 055-9115755

Dine No :
GB19, GB23-GB25, GB27,GB32

Location :