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Picture of Facial Cleansing Sponge For Cleaning, 48 Pcs Compressed Face Round

AED 43.00
  • Facial Cleansing Sponge: Used as reusable facial rounds, facial towels for esthetics, face cleansing stick, facial cleaning sponges, facial sponges cleansing compressed, face wash sponge, clean sponge makeup remover pads. Spa quality, No odd smell like general cleaning sponges.
  • Face Cleaning Stick: When using it, can expand to round facial cleansing sponge .Soft and comfortable , can used to thoroughly remove facial oil, cleansing the skin. Suitable for remove blackhead, clearly cleansing face and facial exfoliating
  • Multifunctional Uses: Dry can be used as pad to makeup.Wet with water to a round sponge face cleansing sponge .Help necrosis cutin fall off, promote the blood circulation. so you feel fresh and dynamic on your face skin.
  • Reusable Facial Wash Pads: Soft and comfortable sponge, can used as face towel for cleansing your face skin pores deeply, will not hurt your smooth skin.Portable to carry on your bag ,convenient and durable. Soft & absorbent, disposable & hygienic. Compressed sponge stick will turn to round sponge, great for facial cleansing, gentle and effective.
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