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Picture of Hair Steamer Hooded Hair Treatment Machine Steamer Thermal

AED 888.00
  • High Quality Material
  • 100% safe on skin
  • Environment Safe
  • Picture of Hairdryer Salon Hair Steamer Hair Dyeing Perming, Professional Salon

    AED 3544.00
  • Intelligent micromist hair steamer, ozone odor removal, hot and cold mist, infrared sterilization, steam hair, styling perm.
  • Ozone care, making hair soft, strong hair roots, hair steamer sterilization to eliminate residual chemical effects in the hair with independent ozone care function.
  • Negative ion cold and hot mist, making hair more moisture, elastic and eliminate static, hair more pliable and easier to make hair styling.
  • Steam dye and oil treatment,once the hair cuticle is upturned, the hair is no longer soft, intelligent micro mist treatment machine to solve the problem of hair damage, repair the hair cuticle, make the hair soft to the end
  • Sterilization, red light sterilization, far infrared light anion on hair and scalp has the function of sterilizing and removing peculiar smell, instant repairing; Blue light sterilization, quickly open hair cuticle and helping instant repair damaged hair.
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