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Foot Care

Foot Care

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Picture of Lizhiqiang Wooden Pedicure Bowl - Brown
Picture of Bedicare Foot Bath Barrel
AED 185.00

Only 10 Left

Picture of Naor Silicone Gel Foot Care Socks
AED 22.00
Picture of Happgrand Reusable Silicone Foot Care Socks
Picture of Naor Silicone Gel Heel Protectors
AED 23.40
Picture of Viya Tender and Peeling Foot Mask, 6 Pieces
AED 29.00 AED 39.00

Only 8 Left

Picture of Viya Double Sided Wooden Foot File
Picture of Peach Flavoured Callus and Corn Remover, 1 L
Picture of Double Sided Foot Rasp File, 3 Pcs
AED 19.95
Picture of Magic Glow Peach Callus & Corn Remover
AED 19.00

Only 6 Left

Picture of Disposable Elastic Foot Tub Liner, Set of 50
AED 39.00 AED 48.00
Picture of Walmeck Waterproof Foot Heel Sticker
AED 22.98
Picture of Naor Heel Tape Heel Grips Protector - Beige
Picture of Precise Pedi Foot Exfoliator Battery Operated Pedicure Tool
Picture of Professional Foot Scrubber Callus Remover
Picture of Ilyplus Gel Heel Protector for Women and Men - White
AED 15.00

Only 7 Left

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