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Picture of Garrelett 1 Pcs Acrylic Uv Gel False Nail Tip Clipper Cutter

AED 25.50
  • Made of high quality of stainless steel without burr,designed with considerate handle and stainless steel spring,feel comfortable when handle and easy to control . Extremely Shape but safe for cutting nail.
  • Special U-shaped nail clipper is used to cutting false nail into square shape nail, adjustable to repair nail to curven shape and circle shape nail for what you like. Easy to handle and cutting false nail into the shape like. Works perfectly to cut on the natural nail.
  • Saving the time it takes to do acrylic nails, practicly no file shaping if used properly. Professional Nail Clipper for Acrylic False Nails,Artificial Nails, Natural Nails,Gel Nails.
  • Work great for beginners and professional manicures and people who is fond of DIY nail art at home.Essential for cutting false nail, nail clipper can not replace with it.
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