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Picture of Derma Roller,4 In 1 Mīcro Néedling Systēm 05Mm, 1Mm, 1.5Mm To Face

AED 88.00
  • Use our superior rollers to boost your skin's collagen levels, accelerate skin rejuvenation and benefit from smoother, tighter, younger looking skin.
  • Anti wrinkle / anti aging treatment, cellulite treatment / cellulite reduction or removal, hair loss treatment / hair restoration ; scar removal including acne scar removal, skin smoothing, stretch mark removal / treatment.
  • REPLICATE EXPENSIVE COSMETIC PROCEDURES in the comfort of your own home and for a fraction of the price.
  • 4in1 Derma Roller System include three separate stainless microneedle roller heads in 1.5mm (1200 needles), 1.0mm (720 needles), 0.5mm (300 needles) and a sterilization tank for your various skin problems and diffrent body parts.
  • Of your chosen skincare products to maximise results on your face and body.With such low and affordable price, you can get a perfect result at your own home without going to Beauty salon.
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