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Large Appliances

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Picture of Mini Portable Air Conditioner Fan Noiseless Evaporative Air Humidifier
Picture of USB Portable 3 in 1 Mini Air Conditioner with 7 Lights, Multi Colour
Picture of Electric Water Pump Dispenser, Black
Picture of Jipush Electric Pump Wireless Water Suction, Black
Picture of Water Filter R.O Membrane
108.56 AED 108.56 AED 118.00
Picture of Comtech Ew Quick-Change Type Water Filter Cartridge
Picture of Sunwell Membrane Pleated Filter Cartridge
21.16 AED 21.16 AED 23.00
Picture of Comtech Sunwell R.O. System
717.6 AED 717.60 AED 780.00
Picture of 3 Stages With Water Filter, 20 Inch X 4.5 Inch
Picture of Plastic Pure Bath Shower Filter
108.56 AED 108.56 AED 118.00
Picture of R.O System, 50 Gpd, 6 Stages - Mineral
402.96 AED 402.96 AED 438.00
Picture of Sunwell R.O. System, 6 Stages, 400 Gpd
609.96 AED 609.96 AED 663.00

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Picture of Nikai Top Load Baby Washing Machine
329 AED 329.00

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Picture of Comtech Infra-Red Water Filter Cartridge
64.4 AED 64.40 AED 70.00
Picture of Portable Mini Handheld Fan With Flash Light FS053 Pink
Picture of Joyway Carbon Qlima Mobile Air Conditioner
Picture of Sunwell Glass Fiber Filter Cartridge
78.2 AED 78.20 AED 85.00
Picture of Comtech Alkaline Water Ionizer
2557.6 AED 2557.60 AED 2780.00
Picture of Aquapro Anti-Scalent Water Filter Cartridge.
50.5908 AED 50.59 AED 54.99
Picture of Comtech Sunwell Compact R.O. System
1518 AED 1518.00 AED 1650.00

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