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Adhesives & Sealers
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Picture of ZL Anti-Slip Tape 2.5m x 5m
Picture of ZL Clear Packing Tape Roll Clear Tape For The Carton Packing - 0.2 x 15cm
Picture of ZL Double Side Tape, Red - 5cm x 50m
Picture of Scotch Clear Mounting Tape Clear 1 x 60inch
Picture of Lysignal Lysignal Waterproof Self - Fusing Silicone Rubber Tape, Black - 25mm
Picture of Adhesive General Purpose Painter's Masking Tape - 1 Inch
Picture of Yongxiang P.T.F.E Adhesive Tape For Seal Machine - 10 Yards
Picture of ZL Strong & Thick Blue Duct Tape Roll - 5 x 15m
Picture of Sunwell Mini Multi-Functional Household Sewing Machine
Picture of Zap Z Poxy 15 Minute, 118ml, PAAPT35
75 AED 75.00

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Picture of Plastic Bag Sealing Machine Black/Blue/Grey 20cm
Picture of Good Tape Strong Rubberized Black Waterproof Seal Tape, SJH-01 - 10.2x1.52cm
Picture of Lucus Ppr Pvc Welding Machine Set
169.9075 AED 169.91 AED 178.85
Picture of Pacer Technology Z-7 Debonder, PT16 - 29.5ml
Picture of Fhsm Handy Sewing & Crafting Machine - Red
Picture of Scotch Permanent Mounting Tape Roll 1x 50 inch White 1 x 50inch
Picture of ZL Water Resistant Duct Tape, Green - 5cm x 15m
Picture of Fhsm Mini Sewing Machine
44.16 AED 44.16 AED 48.00

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Picture of Pacer Technology Zap Gap Adhesives, PT01 - 2 OZ
Picture of Zap Plastic Model Cement with Tip, PT-104, 29.5ml
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