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Picture of Hrxd Hair Comb, Scalp Massage Comb, Hair Brush Bristles, Ladies Wet

AED 30.00 30.0000
  • 2. No damage to the hair, more massage effect, feel comfortable, good anti-skid effect, hard texture, not easy to deformation, after careful polishing, the surface is smooth and shiny, feel fine and comfortable.
  • 3. Not easy to hair loss, not easy to fall off, can effectively delay the service life of the comb, feel comfortable, non-slip, not easy to fall off, comfortable, ergonomic design, feel comfortable, not easy to static electricity, reduce the damage of static electricity to the hair.
  • 4. Comb, make hair smooth, use this product when using the hair dryer, will not make the product soft deformation, thickening, durable, fine workmanship, smooth and round, basically do not stick to the hair.
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