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Picture of Electric Derma Pen Skin Care Kit Professional 0.25Mm-2.0Mm

AED 499.00
  • If you've tried all the cosmetics and creams in the world yet are still looking for an effective way to treat pores, acne scars, fine lines and more. Derma Pen M7 is your best assistant.
  • The same technology used by beauty salon & spa's is now available for home use and for a fraction of the cost. The derma pen adopts the newest technology so you can control the speed of vibration and the needle length. This allows you to reach maximum results in all areas of the skin.
  • The adjustable dial allows treatment that adapts to individual client's needs.
  • What in the Box:with one pen(host), 2 PCS x12 Pins,Rechargeable Batteries, One Battery Connector, User Manual, Hard Plastic Storage Box.
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