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Picture of Jan Boon Macaroon Shape Jelly Slime - 12 Pieces

AED 26.99
  • These macron are adorable and very cute, successfully attract kids’ attention
  • Kids can use the slime diy what figure he wants, like animals, flowers, trees
  • Materials: Eco-friendly material, non-toxic
  • The Macaroon slime toy can help kids to develop color cognition, hand-eye coordination, imagination and creativity.
  • Picture of Jelly Slime In Macaroon Shape Plastic Box Pack Of 12

    AED 26.99
  • Eco-friendly material It is safe and non-toxic, odorless, not greasy, crystal clear, shaped like crystal, green and healthy ,good for kids.You can poke it, stretch it, wiggle it, make a lots of models, pour it from hand to hand, and you can even use it to blowing bubbles with a straw.
  • Soft And Non Sticky The crystal macaroon clay is super light, soft, smells good, color is pure, can be arbitrary mixed color,easy modelling. Good for exercise the hand while increasing concentration.The play putty also doesn't stick to your hands.
  • Intellectual DevelopmentIn the process of playing the colorful mud will develop the child's imagination and creativity. Bright colors can develop kids’ color cognition. The macron crystal mud is very adorable, and it feels very soft. Kids can made it into many type of models.
  • Reusable & Easy StorageThe slime jelly toy can be used again and again, Storage box similar to Macarons, just put the mud back in the container when you don't use it,next time you want to play it you will find that the slime had restore the original appearance.
  • Fun and Stress ReliefAs you squeeze soft slime, super soft, wonderful stress and anxiety reducer. Exercise the kids' coordination ability with hands, eyes and brain and develop the kids' creativity and imagination. Ideal for school, arts, crafts, and school projects.
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