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Picture of Multi Function Portable Big Space Germicidal Drawer For

AED 140.00
  • The simple appearance design, white shell, blue drawer, and living room kitchen bathroom furniture will not have a sense of violation, the concave curve design skills save space. The service life of uvc lamp is not less than 10000 hours, saving your use cost. Simple use method, as long as "one plug and one press" can start, after 45 minutes, turn off the power and then pull out the drawer, your tools can be disinfected.Made of ABS plastic material, high quality and durable.
  • Large capacity space 7.5 * 15.5 * 24 cm.can be used for multiple items at the same time. For hygiene reasons, it is recommended not to use the same disinfection drawer to disinfect underwear and other items。The recommended disinfection time is between 45 minutes and 12 hours. Please do not open the drawer during the trial. If you want to take out the items in the middle of the disinfection process or after the disinfection, please turn off the power first.
  • All products of Jia & Hua company are based on the concept of energy saving, environmental protection, low radiation and zero pollution. The radiation protection shell can protect your children and pets. Every product undergoes strict inspection before leaving the factory. We also have professional customer service staff who will reply to your email within 24 hours. If the product you receive is damaged, we will refund you in full or re-ship for free.
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