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Picture of 16L Towel Sterilizer Uv Wet Towel Heating Disinfection

AED 599.00
  • UV sterilizer and hot towel warmers and home use
  • Easy to use: independent power switch design, easy to use, automatic temperature control, large capacity, you can use it on the desktop
  • Removable Tray: The removable tray below to prevent dripping and cleaning, the towel drawer can easily put the towel in this case.
  • High quality: seamless inner tube of stainless steel, durable, anti-corrosion, while maintaining constant temperature
  • Picture of 46L Uv Dual Towel Sterilizer Ozone Sterilization

    AED 499.00
  • Featuring as a UV sterilizer and a hot towel warmer and family use
  • Easy to use: Independent power switch, easy operation and automatic temperature increase and control
  • Removable Tray: Removable tray to prevent it from dripping and being cleaned on time. With the towel holder, you can easily put the towels in this closet
  • HIGH QUALITY: Seamless stainless steel inner chamber, durable and anticorruption, can simultaneously maintain the constant temperature
  • USEFUL: Suitable for both traditional and disposable towels sterilization, ideal for hotel and salon
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