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Picture of Electric Stainless Steel Self Mixing Mug Silver

AED 58.00
  • You may have seen our regular automatic mixing coffee cup, which means more office style and made of plastic. Well, now the next generation of automatic mixing coffee cups is here, it is a complete travel mug, it is clear that it allows you to see the internal mixing! Automatic mixing travel coffee cup - Clear automatic mixing cup gadget
  • The automatic mixing travel mug is ideal for automatic blending of coffee drinks, protein shakes, ice and ice, iced coffee, sugary drinks and more. No matter what ingredients you need to stir, just put them in and start the stirring motor at the push of a button.
  • Automatic Travel Coffee Cup - Automatic Mixing Cup Gadget The unique travel cup gadget provides the perfect gift idea for regular travelers. They like coffee plus extra ingredients and usually need to be hand-mixed. Now they can do the job in a second or two with the push of a button.
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