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Large Appliances

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Picture of Water Filter Housing, 10 Jumbo
AED 145.36 AED 158.00

Only 6 Left

Picture of Portable Arctic 3000 Btu Air Conditioner, Airc01
Picture of Crownline Floor Air Cooler, AC-185 - Black
Picture of Water Filter Cartridge, 20 X 2.5
AED 48.76 AED 53.00
Picture of Portable Folding Washing Machine, Blue
AED 230.00

Only 9 Left

Picture of Super General 1 Ton Portable Air Conditioner
AED 1288.00

Only 9 Left

Picture of Doulton Ceramic Water Filter
AED 299.00 AED 325.00
Picture of Ultra Filtration Water Purifier System, 6 Stages, No Power And Tank Required
Picture of Comtech Sunwell R.O. System
AED 717.60 AED 780.00

Only 9 Left

Picture of Philips Compact Foldable Handheld Steamer, Dark Grey, UAE Version, STH3000-26
Picture of Portable Air Conditioner - 350-1200 BTU
Picture of 3 Stages With Water Filter, 20 Inch X 4.5 Inch
AED 469.20 AED 510.00

Only 7 Left

Picture of Shoe and Clothes Washing Machine, Blue & White
AED 232.00 AED 250.00

Only 8 Left

Picture of Mini Automatic Folding Washing Machine, Green, XPB18-8
AED 240.00 AED 260.00

Only 5 Left

Picture of Crownline Portable Air Conditioner, PAC-224 - White
AED 1380.00 AED 1385.00
Picture of R.O System Water Purifier With A Water Tank, 50 Gpd
AED 749.80 AED 815.00

Only 4 Left

Picture of NB North Bayou Portable Mini Washing Machine
Picture of Sunwell R.O. System, 6 Stages, 75 Gpd
AED 340.40 AED 370.00

Only 4 Left

Picture of Water Filter Cartridge 20 X 4.5
AED 138.40 AED 155.00
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