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Picture of Hookah Bowl Set- Funnel Silicone Hookah Bowl With Hurricane Glass

AED 35.98
  • Perfect bowl game HOOKAH: The Hookah Shisha silicone bowl is equipped with a matching metal thermal control system, just put your favorite tobacco in a bowl and burn coal.
  • Save flavor: Silicone hookah is designed to prevent the overflow of smoke from water to keep tobacco moist. It also does not absorb any smell!
  • Easy to clean: thanks to the elasticity of the silicone, you can clean the new head easily and efficiently with running water.
  • Rapid heating: when the vent is closed, you can get huge clouds early, which reduces the amount of ashes, ultrafine particles and substances that pass through hookah tobacco.
  • INTROTABLE: This phunnel bowl is durable and heat resistant enough to withstand any fall. The hookah bowl is made of high quality rubber silicone and is soft and resistant. It can give you the best smoking experience hookah Shisha.
  • Picture of Lizipai Hose Hookah Set, Easy To Clean Easy Disassembly 2 Hose Hookah

    AED 144.00 AED 344.00
  • New design: high-grade material,modern design, quality assurance, easy operation, perfect 1 hose hookah suit easy to assemble, disassemble, clean and store for family or travel
  • Process: This hookah has a superb design process that is easy to operate and has no taste. A set of hookahs that meet your smoking needs, an improved rugged and portable version that will make you proud of the smoke wherever you go.
  • Maintenance: It is strongly recommended that you clean the water after each use of the hookah. Change the water every time you smoke to ensure clean and pure taste; especially when you change the flavor of the fruit to avoid residue in the hookah. Other tastes, affecting the taste
  • Hookah plus milk A variety of tea: there will be a shallow milky fragrance, savor, you will feel the taste of childhood, return to the true taste. Hookah plus milk, red cow, milk tea, lavender. Black tea, green tea, yellow tea, etc., can also add rose tea. There is a faint tea fragrance in the mouth, which is very light and fragrant. The whole room is surrounded by tea. Not only is the taste of tea good, but the benefits to the body are also extraordinary. Every taste is a unique experience.
  • Applicable scene: You can smoke cigarettes while playing chess, reading books, chatting, TV or doing other things. The hookah with the mysterious temperament of one thousand and one nights will definitely make you the focus of your friends. It can be used as a high-end gift to give customers, friends, leaders, and wives to their husbands and children to give their parents a wonderful gift.
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    Picture of Lizipai Silicone Glass Hookah Bowl Heat Resistant Shisha

    AED 22.00
  • Silicone Hookah Bowl with inside glass has been designed to keep the shisha juices from spilling out to keep the tobacco moist.
  • You do not need to remove the glass in order to clean it. you can clean your silicone bowl under running water.
  • This funnel bowl is durable, Thermal management is strong enough to withstand high temperatures.
  • FLAVOR SAVING: hookah bowl has been designed to keep the shisha juices from spilling out to keep the tobacco moist. It also won't absorb any odors!
  • Note: Silica gel parts and pure silica gel particles are made, but please do not burn, it will taste. Package Includes: 1 Black Silicone Glass Tobacco Bowl
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