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Picture of 7 Color LED Face Mask

AED 294.00
  • 7 kinds of LED light, each color of light shows a beneficial effect under certain skin conditions. Red light increases blood flow and collagen produces blue light - calms and tightens skin | Green light - improves pigmentation, fine lines and anti-aging | Yellow light - smoothes skin, reduces redness | Purple light relaxes, improves skin | Light blue soothing | New white light - improve skin tone.
  • Improve skin elasticity, repair wrinkles and remove rough skin. It can effectively remove keratin while balancing oil. Enjoy everyday professional spa treatments from home comfortably.
  • Accelerate skin metabolism and promote circulation, reduce and prevent wrinkles, and help fight fat areas.
  • Photon beauty instruments designed for facial beauty use natural light waves that are transmitted through the LEDs into the skin.
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