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Picture of 9mm Crystal Colored orbeez soft crystal water paintball

AED 19.00 19.0000
  • Huge 9mm value pack of Eco-friendly crystal water beads, safe and harmless. Reasonably priced. With plastic bottle for easier storage
  • Non-fade, Non-Toxic, 100% Biodegradable, Non-Flammable
  • Soaking in the water to become bouncy, squishy, and beautiful jelly beads. It would starts as tiny hard ball and grows many times. Recyclable
  • Thousands of Use: Color recognition, counting, fine motor skill and wild imagination training. Not only suitable for kids also adults. Ideal for centerpieces, any floral design, weddings, home or plant decoration, vase filler, showers parties etc
  • Picture of Adjustable Laptop Table

    AED 80.00 80.0000
  • Elegant portable: very attractive design and finish. Legs can be folded completely to make it highly portable
  • Strong and adjustable: vertical extension of legs and angular adjustments (0-30 degrees) of top, it has soft notches given on one side of flat-Top to prevent things from rolling down when tilted
  • Compatible: size and strength ensures that all laptop models can be mounted on it, separate place to keep mouse with mouse-Pad
  • Cleanliness and anti dust: smooth top can be wiped with moist clean cloth without damaging the top
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    Picture of Bar Chair Office Chair Bar Stool Leather Adjustable-Black

    AED 145.00 145.0000 AED 165.00
  • Price inludes delivery only.
  • We supply box packed item on do it yourself bases (diy).
  • Installation by customer.
  • For installation plz contact seller as addtional charges apply.
  • There is no warranty services for furniture item.
  • Picture of Mcmola Bar Stool Leather Adjustable

    AED 165.00 165.0000
  • Material: Stainless Steel & Leather
  • Adjustable up and down office chair
  • PU leather bar stool for kitchen for bar shop.
  • Only 10 Left

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