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Picture of 3000Ml Wax Beans Paraffin Heater Pot, Professional Salon Spa Warmer

AED 188.00
  • INSULATION PERFORMANCE AND LOW MELTING POINT: combining traditional method of waxing with modern technology, this wax heater can remove hairs, spots and blemishes by applying paraffin wax directly to warm, solidify automatically, squeeze and smooth skin, for the paraffin wax
  • PROPER TEMPERATURE: can achieve good beauty effects,suitable to heat waxing beans, tin wax, depilatory wax and paraffin wax,environmental insulation board can prevent the skin from touching the base of container without burning your skin
  • HAND AND FOOT SKIN CARE: heated nutritional wax can help moisturize deep skin, remove aging keratinocytes, improve rough and dry skin, promote blood circulation and relieve fatigue,the skin will become healthy and smooth after waxing treatment,can be used in combination electric heated beauty hand mitts
  • HAIR REMOVAL WAX HEATER POT: removing unwanted hairs in hand, foot, elbow, arm, leg, armpit and bikini line easily, quickly and conveniently without irritation or harm to skin, spots and blemishes for skin beauty,hot wax doesn't need stripping, just need after cool down then peel off
  • PERFECT TOOL: for professional or home use,a seethrough lid can prevent wax contamination and is convenient for you to observe the state of wax in the container without opening it
  • Picture of Double Oven Wax Treatment Machine Multifunctional Temperature Control

    AED 169.30
  • Do not heat the melting wax furnace directly on the fire, otherwise it will affect the plasticity and viscosity of the beeswax, also burning fire.
  • When the wax is heated by water, care should be taken to prevent the water from entering the water bath or the water droplets from the steam in the pot from dripping into the wax.
  • Since the thermal conductivity of water is greater than that of wax, when water and beeswax are applied at the same temperature to the skin at the same time, it is caused by water droplets. Brewing. It is advisable to melt the wax through the pipe. (This is an electric heating instrument, it is not such a problem).
  • Wax treatment should be applied evenly, fast action, to accurately grasp the temperature of the wax. When dipping wax is used, immerse in wax at all times
  • The liquid should not exceed the edge of the first layer of wax film to avoid burns. Wax reuse should not exceed 57 times
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