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Picture of Nukcc Salon Barber Disinfection Jar,Salon Barber Disinfection

AED 37.00
  • Highquality stainless steel and thickwalled glass, durable to use.
  • Removable SelfStraining Steel Basket to conveniently remove your tools.
  • Provides Easy Disinfection of Instruments and Salon Tools.
  • NonSlip Rubber Base to keep jar secure & in place.
  • Suitable for disinfecting both salon and nail art tools.
  • Picture of Nukcc Sponge Puff,2Pcs Facial Puff Face Clean Sponges Face Washing

    AED 7.90
  • It can deeply clean the pores and dirt on face, remove impurities, make your face radiant.
  • Natural wood pulp facial cleansing sponge, good toughness, strong water adsorption and good antimicrobial effect.
  • Easy operation and washable. The product is dry and it can be rapidly softened after soaking in water.
  • Gentle exfoliation, and it can achieve good massage effect with appropriate friction.
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