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Picture of Osaladi 20Pcs Foam Toe Separators Sponge Nail Separators

AED 33.59
  • Great for both professional nail specialist and nail art learner to use. Manicure toe separators
  • Applied to shape natural nails, false nails, nail extensions, etc. pedicure toe separators
  • Can provide you a rather comfortable nail filing experience. Sponge toe Separator
  • Picture of Osaladi 500Pcs Nail Form Rectangular Nail Art Guide Form

    AED 38.00
  • There are length and numbers marked on each nail form which can provide an accurate guide for making your pretty nails. Nail Extension Forms
  • The sticker is covered with a film to reduce dust and other contaminants. When you cant use it at one time, you can save it to your next use. Nail Art Guide Forms
  • Easy to apply and easy to DIY fashion and unique nail art. Nail Guide Sticker
  • Suitable for all kinds of DIY nail art at home, or professional manicurist. Nail Extention sticker
  • Made of premium material, safe and durable enough. Manicure Extension Tool
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