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Picture of Little Kids 3 Wheel Kick Scooter

AED 88.98
  • 3 Adjustable height settings to suit a range of ages, starting at 65cm and moving to 70cm, 75cm so the scooter can grow with its rider.
  • Our Top-Selling Scooters -1 Kids Three Wheel Kick Scooter - Perfect for little kids aged 2 - 16 years old. Easy glide tilt- to-turn joystick steering system, ideal for building confidence in the youngest of scooter fans!
  • Urban Scooter Complete with three of our signature Spin & Flash PU LED wheels, add a burst of colour to every scoot. The lightweight design and foldable handlebars make easy to carry and convenient to store when not in use.
  • Picture of Professional Home Portable Hair Dryer Diffuser Bonnet Attachment

    AED 29.00
  • Centrifugal four-blade design, super-strong permanent magnet motor, produces high-speed and stable airflow, achieving the fastest drying speed. Handheld and lightweight, easy to carry. In addition, the use of a fine mesh at the suction port prevents hair and dust from entering and extending product life.
  • Using ion and bioceramic technology, our hair dryer will release 33 million moisturizing negative ions combined with far infrared heating to reduce static electricity and make hair soft and smooth. With constant temperature protection, intelligent temperature control to prevent overheating damage, it is good for hair care.
  • Our hair dryer is equipped with 31 magnetic accessories (a styling concentrator, a smooth nozzle and a diffuser) to precisely meet the needs of all hair styles: curl, straight hair, thin Or thick. Three cold/hot/hot strong wind modes are available. It includes a COOL switch that allows you to switch between hot and cold with a single click.
  • 85 ° constant temperature protection. Clean fan blades, disposable dryer. Inner tube motors - innovative technologies that reduce noise and explosion protection make our dryers safer and more reliable. Built-in hair care keeps the temperature constant and locks in moisture. Suitable for young people and young people to do professional hair salons at home.
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