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Picture of Hair Care Comb Massage Wooden Spa Massage Comb Antistatic Hair Comb

AED 16.00 16.0000 AED 29.00
  • Material: This model is made of high-grade wood, hardwood, not easy to crack, with plastic needle, can not static electricity.
  • Function: ribs during massage can promote blood circulation in the brain, refreshing the brain, and designing the hand arc.
  • Design: The air cushion design is used to remove the scalp from the teeth according to the strength of the combed hair, and damage the scalp and hair when the hair is forced. The design can also be applied to the massage of other acupuncture points in the human body.
  • Features: This design can also be used for massage of other acupuncture points on the human body. It gently taps the neck, shoulders, skin and other parts of the body; it also acts as a grooming and massage while being healthy and beautiful.
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