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Picture of 5Pcs/Set Nail Art Buffer Brush Medicure Pedicure Buffing Diy

AED 14.00
  • Essential nail art tools for filing nails before nail treatment.Can be used to file natural nails, false nails, nail extensions, etc.
  • Perfect for both professional use and personal use!
  • Easy to use: this sand block is coarse, it can sand down the snags and shape the nail, leaves the nail smooth; Flexible and easy to use
  • Lightweight, compact and convenient to put in your cosmetic bag, allow you to use anytime and anywhere.
  • Durable: Sturdy and durable, file your nails with a lighter touch, in any direction, without damaging the nail and they will not bend!
  • Picture of Nomania Hair Sprayer

    AED 9.90
  • This product can spray fluid like mist, which ensures a uniform distribution of water or hair care solution. It is suitable for hair dry cleaning or hair nursing.
  • To meet your different needs, rotating its nozzle can adjust hydraulic pressure.
  • It is suitable for home use and professional hairdressing salon use. And it can also be used to water flowers or cleaning.
  • Picture of Romacci 1Pc Professional Heat Resistant Glove Hair Styling Heat

    AED 15.99
  • Protect your hands from heat when styling hair with curling wands or straightening iron.
  • One size fits for all and suitable for left and right hands.
  • Made by soft cotton, comfortable and flexible to wear.
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