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Salon Furniture

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Picture of 3-Layer Professional Salon Trolley, White
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Buy Stylish Salon Chairs For Professional & Personal Use at DragonMart Online

Whether you are looking to start up a new salon or simply want to replace your worn-out salon equipment, DragonMart is the place to find everything in one place. Explore a fair range of professional salon furniture from the top salon furniture suppliers in Dubai to find exactly what you are looking for and in a price range that suits you well. We offer everything you need to keep your customers comfortable and happy via a variety of commercial furniture for home, office, and business needs. You will be able to find backwashes, swivel chairs, reception desks, styling & storage units, to trolleys from some of the best brands in the UAE. Having the right equipment can be incredibly beneficial for helping you distinguish your business from the rest, and provide clients with a unique experience. You can find a variety of equipment for all kinds of salon sizes, types, and budgets. Depending on your budget and needs, you can find great functional equipment that can be used for hair salons and beauty salons.

The Most Competitive Salon Chair Prices in Dubai

A hairstylist working full-time at a salon on average sees about 8 to 12 clients per day. That’s a lot of activity in a single salon chair, so it’s essential to keep it spotless. Any fabric you choose should be able to survive product spills, heat, color, and bleach, not to mention the cleaning products used to sanitize multiple times a day. If you want to go the extra mile, choose salon chairs having open backs or sides for easy hair removal. It’s a minor detail, but once you have it, you’ll appreciate it while cleaning between the clients. Beyond cleaning, you’ll also need to keep general maintenance in mind. Unlike standard furniture, salon chairs have moving parts for reclining, swiveling, and adjusting the height. The last thing you need is your salon chair malfunctioning in the middle of an appointment. While chairs need to be stylish, we need to make sure they also have the necessary functional features. Regardless of which of these functionalities you are looking for, we bring you the most competitive salon chair prices in Dubai across several categories.

Having The Right Salon Furniture Can Make or Break The Salon Experience

Comfort is essential when it comes to home & living furniture, and salon and spa furniture is no exception. If your client has a perm or hair coloring appointment, they’ll be seated for hours — and they’ll remember the experience good or bad. So make it worth their while with the right kind of comfort, quality, touch, and feel of every element right from the beauty products you use to the furniture you make them sit in. Make your client’s experience much more comfortable by purchasing comfortable salon chairs from our exclusive salon furniture collection. Start exploring and pick your dream furniture essentials to give your business the boost it needs.
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