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Kalon Technology Trading FZCO

+971-  522311688 BAH09 BAH08 BAI04

Picture of EnweTissu Retro Hair Clippers for Mens
60 AED AED 60.00
Picture of Kalon Wireless Cool Mist Humidifier
60 AED AED 60.00
Picture of Bukhoor Electric Incense Burner, Black
99 AED AED 99.00
Picture of Kalon Wireless Deep Tissue Massage Gun, 24V
90 AED AED 90.00
Picture of Portable Rechargeable Athletes Deep Tissue Massage Gun
Picture of Padom Jewelry Tray Organizer and Storage
75 AED AED 75.00
Picture of Stronglite Rechargeable LED Powerful Flashlight - SST40
Picture of Kalon Eco-Friendly Mosquito Trap Lamp
30 AED AED 30.00
Picture of RGB Handheld LED Video Light, 1000 Lumens
140 AED AED 140.00
Picture of Kalon Desktop 3D Moon Lamp Humidifier
65 AED AED 65.00
Picture of Padom Backdrop Photograph Stand With Carrying Bag, 2X2m
120 AED AED 120.00

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Picture of Kalon Adjustable Tablet Tripod Stand, Black
70 AED AED 70.00
Picture of Kalon Rechargeable Hair Scalp Massager, White
85 AED AED 85.00
Picture of Quboo LED Soft Ring Light Kit, Black, 21 inch, 60W
Picture of Apple EarPods with Lightning Connector
59 AED AED 59.00
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