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Picture of Paraffin Bath,Paraffin Wax Bath Paraffin Wax Machine For Hands

AED 175.00
  • The heated paraffin wax releases warmth to smooth and soften any dry, chapped, rough or scaly skin on your hands, elbows, heels and feet..
  • Adjustable temperature with heating and on/off indicators..
  • Melts wax quickly and evenly to give you an enjoyable waxing experience while allowing you to save time..
  • Comes with an opening of 26 cm by 18.4 cm and a capacity of 2700 ml, giving you plenty of space to dip your hands, elbows or feet..
  • Thank you for your support. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. I wish you a happy life every day!
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