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Picture of 16X Floor Standing Lamp Stand Lighting Magnifying Glass Light

AED 489.00
  • This is a versatile magnifying lamp for beauty, hairdressing, reading, dental, embroidery, tattoos and other fields. Through an enlarged magnifying glass and a LED light tube,so you can clearly see the skin, manuscripts and other details.
  • 120 LED energy-saving lamp beads with a service life of up to 6000 hours,energy saving, high color rendering, uniform illumination.
  • High-quality magnifier and lamp. The magnifying glass supports 16x magnification and clarity.The soft light can protect eyes and relieve eyestrain. And the lamp without heating even when it is operated for a long time.
  • Simple operation, one-button start, no manual debugging.Can be rotated 180 degrees, up and down around can adjust the angle to ensure that in different scenarios can be heart to adjust.
  • Picture of 275W Physiotherapy Lamp,Floor-Standing Physiotherapy Lamp

    AED 581.00
  • Can accelerate metabolism, promote rapid decomposition of cells, loosen fat, and quickly burn fat, thus achieving the purpose of weight loss and weight loss.
  • Can change insomnia, constipation, endocrine disorders, arthritis lamp disease, improve human immunity.
  • Beauty and health care:spectrum has strong permeability, deep heating skin, effectively improve blood circulation, improve skin tissue, and have beauty and body functions. It is the ideal physiotherapy and beauty product for families, beauty salons and hospitals.
  • Physical therapy: relieve pain, help treat rheumatism, lumbar rheumatism, cold muscle soreness, relieve arthritis, and promote wound healing.
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    Picture of Hair Conditioning Machine,Multifunctional Ozone Hair Steamer Design

    AED 1886.00
  • FUNCTION: The red light of LED can effectively enhance hair keratin activity, effectively reduce hair damage, improve hair quality, enhance hair elasticity, and make hair moist and smooth. The use process is simple, gentle, comfortable, fast and effective, and improves hair health
  • BEST DESIGN: High temperature water tank and cold mist water tank, ultrasonic atomizing sheet will not be affected by high temperature, so that the service life of the atomizing sheet is longer. The design of largecapacity water tank can work 46 hours when it is filled with water. Dual system antidry design, water dry automatic poweroff function, can guarantee your safe use under any circumstances
  • HAIR STEAMER FOR PROFESSIONAL HAIR: provide valuable nutrient to unhealthy hair, prevents breakage and split ends, treating brittle and damaged hair
  • EASY TO USE: More convenient, faster and longer working time, the steam will not stop while adding water during using time.There are cold fog, low temperature, medium temperature, high temperature and other stepless adjustment to meet different temperature needs
  • UNIQUE PATENTED: The unique patented magnet design makes the use of the hood, water tower cover and waste bottle more convenient.Side azimuth fixed high and low position adjusters, to meet the needs of different heights, beautiful and generous, stable and durable, more convenient to store and transport.The blue LED light can accelerate absorption, make the hair achieves smooth effect
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