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Picture of 6 In 1 Water Oxygen Machine

AED 1518.90
  • CLEANING - Replenish enough water for the cells in the stratum corneum of the skin. Soften the pores of the semi-hardened sebum, erase the sebum metabolism of the tube, keep the pores clean.
  • Remove skin, blemishes, imperfections, wrinkles and unwanted pigments from the skin. The Cool massage head helps reduce pores, lighten skin color. .
  • Inject oxygen and nutrients into the skin thoroughly. Strengthen the respiratory function of the skin, encourage cells to exercise aerobically to promote the metabolism of the skin, so as to achieve the bleaching effect, repairing sensitive skin.
  • High frequency atomization vibrations rapidly break down water molecules, nanoscale spray particles, high penetration and rapid replenishment. Helps the skin absorb oxygen and nutrition more easily. .
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