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Picture of Jade Roller Kit-100% Natural Jade Roll-Xiuyan Jade Facial Eye Body

AED 135.00
  • Natural jade:real with super smooth surface texture. it contains a variety of beneficial trace elements, which can improve skin and health through massage. It is a very good skin care tool.
  • Efficacy: Through natural antiaging jade, it reduces the blackness and swelling under the eyes and improves skin and health.
  • Easy to use: Jade rollers have doubleheaded rollers, which can be adapted to different facial areas: smaller rollers can cover the eye area, larger wheels are used for the neck and face, arms, etc. Move product from neck to forehead up and out.
  • Facial Beauty: Restore its complexion, restore its natural luster, and turn it into a clean, acnefree canvas. When the roller smoothes fine lines, eliminates wrinkles, and leaves your skin glowing with a healthy glow.
  • Real natural jewelry: 100% real jade, super smooth rolling effect to achieve the best effect
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