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Picture of Handheld Nano Spray Gun, Disinfection Spray Gun

AED 113.00
  • NANO ION STEAM: This steam design uses nano atomization technology, which can penetrate the skin more effectively ten times, thereby improving the vitality of young and healthy skin cells.
  • HIGH TEMPERATURE STERILIZATION FUNCTION: It can dilute the disinfectant and spray the liquid with nano gun, which can play the role of high temperature sterilization. Note: Do not introduce alcohol into the machine.
  • NOURISH HAIR: make the root fully absorb and dissolve dry hair, suitable for hair dyeing, hair care and facial moisturizing
  • MULTIPLE HEAT DISSIPATION HOLES: simple hair care design, double-sided ventilation holes, at the same time release a large amount of nano blue light spray, intelligent heat dissipation of the body, hair care and hair care machine
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