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Picture of Multifunction Electric Charcoal Starter, Fire Burner Stove For Hookah

AED 80.00
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT: Hookah lovers come to the barbecue party? Charcoal burners come to rescue. It not only has the function of a grill, but also can be used as a hookah coal burner. In addition, it comes with a detachable charcoal tray for heating tea/coffee.
  • HIGH-QUALITY HEAT-RESISTANT DESIGN: This product is coated with heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant porcelain to make the product durable. The economical heat-resistant porcelain coated top tray can be used as a boiler for coffee or tea set, and the detachable handle can be used as a pliers. .
  • SAFE AND EASY TO USE: Just plug in and get started, this is the whole process. This product can be used to heat coal, very close to where you sit or smoke, reducing the likelihood of carpet/floor/skin burns.
  • CONVENIENCE AND USER-FRIENDSHIP: This product not only has an on/off indicator, but also a thermal control power conditioner, which does not require more than 3 minutes. The detachable handle of the coal burner has a dual purpose and can also be used as a pair of pliers for easy handling of hot charcoal.
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