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Picture of Folding Mechanism For Ninebot ES2 ES4 Electrical Scooter Folding

AED 129.95
  • FREE SHIPPING: 99% conventional orders will be delivered within 13-15 days. Please make sure to buy this product from ZONGSHEN-UAE brand. Other brand is not reliable. RELATED SEARCHES [Handlebar For Skateboard, Control for Ninebot Es2, for Ninebot Segway, 36v Battery With Bag, M365, for Ninebot Wheel, for Ninebot One, Bag for Ninebot, M365 Pro, Electric Scooter Es4, for Ninebot, Battery for Ninebot]
  • Worry-free Service: If you don’t like this product or receive defective one, you can contact us! Your email feedback will help us get it solved at the first time. Every product guaranties 1 year warranty!!! RELATED SEARCHES [Mi Scooter, Es4 for Ninebot, Battery for Ninebot, Board for Ninebot, for Ninebot Tire, Control for Ninebot Es2, Board Accessories Es1, Kickscooter Es2 Parts]
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