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Picture of Fruit Wooden Bowl Block Creative Plate To Sew Without Tub Snack Bowl

AED 90.00
  • * Large teak bowl of solid natural wood, back to the roots - back to the roots - naturally integrated into the restaurant with our handcrafted wooden bowls
  • * Can be used as a fruit bowl or key on the table - storage near the front door
  • * Made of mature teak - cracks, openings, and bumps are deliberately designed from aged and aged teak - cracks, openings and bumps are deliberately designed features
  • * A decorative wooden bowl that can hold fruit, candy and what you want in your heart: eat it here.
  • *Please note: High-quality wooden bowls are not safe for dishwashers, and their shape, texture, and size will naturally vary.
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    Picture of Fruit Wooden Bowl, Root Carving Solid Wood Fruit Bowl

    AED 100.00
  • * Massive teak wood shell solid root wood Back roots - Back to the roots - Get a piece of nature in the dining room with our handmade burl wood bowl As a fruit bowl on the dining table or key - storage available near the front door
  • * Decorative wooden bowl for fruits, sweets and what your heart desires: Here eats and enjoys the eye with.
  • * Each bowl is unique and comes from the tree root, which has only been released for the timber trade after they have borne no fruit.
  • *, Of course, antibacterial due to high oil content in the wood. For especially long pleasure: Wash with lukewarm water and a little detergent after use and dry.
  • * Please note: The high-quality wooden bowls are not dishwasher-safe and differ in nature a little in shape, grain and size.
  • Only 2 Left

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