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Picture of 2 In 1 Uv Sterilizer 23L Hot Towel Warmer

AED 499.00
  • UV sterilizers can effectively kill bacteria and viruses attached to items.
  • Widely used in the disinfection of towels, underwear, socks, toys and toothbrushes.
  • Independent heating switch and disinfection switch are very convenient to use.
  • High quality stainless steel liner, durable and rust proof.
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    Picture of 36 Pins Microneedling Pen Cartridges Disposable Replacement Skin Care

    AED 260.00
  • Use a new non-reusable resource at a time.
  • The 36-pin needle is suitable for all skin types, except for sensitive skin.
  • The depth can be adjusted (0.25 mm to 2.0 mm), which greatly improves the treatment effect.
  • Use a sterile single-sealed disposable needle box for optimal safety and comfort.
  • Picture of 950W Infrared Stand Up Hair Steamer Hair Dryer

    AED 1649.00
  • There are multiple modes to choose from: perm, hair color, hair care and other features. Through the intelligent touch screen, the mode is more complete, the functions are more diversified, and the operation is more convenient, which meets the different hairdressing needs of customers.
  • The housing of the machine is made of ABS material with high safety factor. It has properties such as anti-scalding, anti-static, scratch resistance, heat resistance, flame retardant, strong and non-deformable.
  • The hair dryer's built-in heating loop system allows you to heat your hair almost at the same time, heating it more evenly and making it easier to dye your hair. The adjustable riser can be adjusted to the correct position according to your size. Four universal wheels are easier to move.
  • The unique design of air circulation effectively stores moisture and nutrients. Infrared rays can penetrate hair and scalp effectively, promote and accelerate metabolism.
  • Picture of Professional Towel Warmer Cabinet 11L Uv Salon Sterilizer Cabinet

    AED 499.00
  • With an ON / OFF design, this towel sterilizer is easy to operate.
  • UV lamps have a long life. Due to its unique design, replacing UV bulbs is a breeze.
  • Suitable for home or business use. The small size takes up less space and is more suitable for small studios.
  • In addition, nail tools, glasses, hairdressing supplies, baby bottles and tableware can be disinfected.
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