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Kitchen Essentials

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Picture of Ceramic Dragon Tea Set, Large
75 AED AED 75.00
Picture of Grace Kitchen Measuring Frothing Pitcher Milk Jug
Picture of Yatai Ceramic Bowl Dinner Set, White & Gold, 12pcs
86.33 AED AED 86.33 AED 89.00
Picture of Buffet Electric Soup Kettle, 10L, 400W
350 AED AED 350.00
Picture of Stainless Steel Potato Slicer
45 AED AED 45.00
Picture of Electric 50 Holes Commercial Pancake Machine
899 AED AED 899.00

Only 10 Left

Picture of Spice Jar Set with Stand, 8 pcs, Silver
71.55 AED AED 71.55 AED 79.50
Picture of Mini Electric Meat Grinder & Food Chopper
250 AED AED 250.00 AED 280.00
Picture of Grace Kitchen Stainless Steel Ice Tongs
8 AED AED 8.00
Picture of Round Bowl Ceramic Countertop Washbasin, Black Marquina
198 AED AED 198.00 AED 220.00
Picture of Multipurpose Rose Shaped Silicone Cake Mould, Brown
9 AED AED 9.00 AED 10.00
Picture of Multi-Function Electric Stainless Steel 3 Tier Steamer
250 AED AED 250.00 AED 280.00
Picture of Meat Tenderizer Heavy Duty Meat Hammer
19 AED AED 19.00
Picture of Creative Coffee Stencils - Pack of 16 pcs
16.5 AED AED 16.50

Only 6 Left

Picture of Yatai Ceramic Soup Bowl with Spoon Dinnerware Set, White
44.232 AED AED 44.23 AED 45.60
Picture of Metal Single Burger Presser - Brown
18 AED AED 18.00 AED 20.00
Picture of Li Ying Multipurpose Emoji Shaped Silicone Bake Mould, Brown
7.2 AED AED 7.20 AED 8.00
Picture of Stainless Steel Digital Weighing Scale with Bowl
Picture of Multipurpose Rose Shape Cake Mould, Blue
7.2 AED AED 7.20 AED 8.00
Picture of Storage Tray, 3 pcs, White & Black
55 AED AED 55.00
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