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Expansive Selection of E-scooters and Bikes Online 

Electric scooters are portable, eco-friendly, durable, cost-efficient, and above all, they are now permitted in 10 different districts of Dubai. With the Roads and Transport Authority's (RTA) recent announcement of E-scooters being permitted (from Wednesday, April 13) in 10 districts of Dubai, it’s time to get your hands on this fun, convenient and cost-friendly mode of transportation. At Dragon Mart, we make your search for the best bike online, easy and hassle-free. Our expansive selection of sports products is here to help you meet all your outdoor & sports needs, in one place at the best prices online. 

Scooters From Top Brands at Slashed Prices With Seller Warranty

At, we ensure a fantastic online shopping experience that comes with brand surety and the best pricing. Find the top of the line outdoor & sports equipment along with a seller warranty. With seller transparency and detailed product specifications, you are sure to make an informed choice & the right purchase every time with us. A whole range of scooters, bicycles from top brands like Xiaomi, Segway Ninebot Kick scooter Max (top-rated long-distance electric scooter), X8 adult folding scooter, and more are available in one place for you to compare and choose the one that suits your needs & budget best. 

Need Your E-scooter Fast? Our Quick Doorstep Delivery Has Got You Covered

With the legalization of e-scooters in some Dubai districts, the rising demand for online bike shopping has only begun. At, we are always equipped to meet your urgent shopping needs. Our ready-to-deliver inventory allows us to deliver fast to your doorstep. You will find the estimated delivery time for every e-scooter and bike mentioned alongside the detailed product specifications, further helping you to make an informed purchase. On top of that, our customer-friendly return policy enhances your shopping experience even more. If you do not like or have trouble with the delivered product, just follow the guidelines mentioned in our return policy and feel free to return the product without any hassle. All these features empower you to shop with confidence and undergo the best online shopping experience in Dubai at for all kinds of electric kick scooters, bikes, bicycles, or other outdoor sports products.

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